Weed (위드)

Real Name

Lee Hyun (이현)


20 [Start of Volume 1]


The Invincible Gambler (CoM) [Volume 13]
God of War (CoM) [Volume 13]
Princess Knight (Dein High School Festival) [Volume 2]
Karichwi (카리취) [Orc Form]
Lord of Morata [Volume 13]

Family Information

Grandma (hospitalized)
Lee Hayan (student)
Parents (deceased)


Dark Gamer Union
Church of Freya
Kumdo Dojang
Baran Village
Roseinheim Kingdom
Vampire Lord Tori
Death Knight Van Hawk
The Wyvern
Ice Dragon
Gold Statue Warrior


Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Royal Road)
College Student (Real Life)
Origin of the Skeleton (Royal Road: Undead)


Orc (Scultural Transformation)
Four-Legged Beast (Sculptural Transformation)
Skeleton Soldier (Power to Reject Death)
Dwarf (Sculptural Transformation)

The main character of the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and user of the titacular class in Royal Road. Having grown up in abject poverty, he developed a money first policy to raise his sister and support his grandmother.


Lee Hyun grew up in poverty thanks to his parents constantly taking out loans and spending money irresponsibility. Hyun held a number of jobs illegally to obtain revenue to support his sister and grandmother. He dropped out of school when loan sharks pestered him to the point of bothering the teachers, until the teachers requested that Lee pay back the money owed, leading to him dropping out of school. As a young child he was ostracized by others due to his poverty.

Lee Hyun

Lee Hyun's appearance (Fan-art)


Volume 1Edit

Lee Hyun after experiencing a impoverished and difficult life finally recieves a break when his game character from the MMORPG Continent of Magic sells for over 3 billion won. Unfortunately, this windfall is shortlived when debt collectors come and take away a majority of the money from him leaving him with only a minor fortune.