Pale is a ranger that Weed first encounters outside of the city of Serabourg Citadel and later forms his first party with. He is classmates and friends in real life with Romuna, Surka, and Irene.


Pale is a generally kind person who works hard to help his friends whenever. He also held a long time crush for Romuna, until he started dating Maylon.


Birth of A Dark Gamer ArcEdit

Pale and his party first encounter Weed while hunting foxes close to the Serabourg Citadel in the Rosenheim Kingdom, they later form a party and begin to efficiently hunt foxes until upon chance they encounter a wolf and they start to flee while Weed buys time. Upon Weed's victory over the wolf they part ways and Pale logs off.

Pale and his group re-unite with Weed when they message him about joining the punitive force to Baran village. There they accept the quest to join up with the punitive force led by Darius to defeat the lizardmen. He along with Weed accept the quest to rescue the captive villagers and upon reaching the stronghold while using Darius's forces as a distraction they complete the quest. Afterwards, Pale and his group later go aid the rest of the punitive force in hunting the lizardmen while Weed completes the statue of Freya.