Hi, I thought I would clear some things up concerning the translations of LMS.

Mostly its about how different translators use different terms, like the levels of sculpture mastery and the sculpture rating.

I have read the russian translations throughly and come to the decision to keep the term as close to their translation as possible.

I will write down the russian spelling in comparison to my english translation down as to let you see there I'm coming from.

Here they are:

> Sculpture Mastery

1.начальный уровень/базовой стадии = Basic Stage/Level

2.средней = Intermediate Stage/Level

3.высший уровень = Supreme Stage/Level

( Weed is the only sculptor on the Continent of Bersa to have reached the Supreme Level in Sculpture Mastery! )

> Sculpture rating

Прекрасная = Шедевры  => Fine Piece

(1.Статуя Богини Фреи

2. Таинственные скульптуры в Лавиас

3. Ледяной красавицы

4. 5 статуэток животных

5. статую женщины-наемницы

6. статую орка

7. скульптуру темного эльфа

9. статуэтку маленького орка = 

10. скульптуру Красавицы с мечом = Beauty with a Sword

12. создание Парящего Крылатого Дракона = Soaring Winged Dragon )

Великолепная статуя = Master Piece

(1. Ледяного Дракона 

2.  скульптуру Дарона

3. статую Льва-сфинкса

4. статую животного с четырьмя ногами )

Грандиозная работа = Grand Piece

(1. скульптуру Союн = Seoyoon )

Лунные скульптуры = Lunar Sculptures

=> GOAL: великим мастером Скульптуры! = Grand Master of Sculpture!

P.S: If you have any corrections to suggest, feel free to leave me a comment. Actually I would appreciate it. A mentioned I read the russian translations throughly and this is the result I came up with. And yes I noticed that the Fine Pieces only number ten and not twelve, but as I said I go by the russian version and this are the numbers there. My best guess is that either they messed up on the numbers there or Weed sculpted a few Fine Pieces that were not particulary mentioned.